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Kay Minter

Twenty years ago a wonderful poet and friend of mine, Paul Matthews, said to me with great feeling, "you understand beauty."

I have pondered on that statement ever since, and he is right - "understanding beauty" is what I strive to do each day.

A flower is like a beautiful piece of music that you never want to end from the first pulse of life to its last at death. 


After a career in the film industry I became a mother. All the moments of my life pointing me towards flowers came together and I built my own flower garden. My photography is self-taught. What began as a struggle three years ago now fascinates me: I find myself excited at the prospect of the next image and developing my technique.


Completely immersing myself in the world of flowers has become a way of life and a joy. My muse is always interesting, always amazing,  each flower a perfect planet of creative possibilities explored.


All the flowers in my photographs I grow in my flower field and photograph in my studio in Hove, with the exception of winter flowers which come from a wonderful florist in Brighton and Hove Gobotanica


To join me in my pursuit of floral beauty, follow me on Instagram (@therealkayminter)

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